Create and use voting



Decing is a simple and 100% free online service for arranging a Secret and Private vote. The system is designed for small teams which should make a decision without disclosing individual participants' selections. Our service does not require registration. When creating a new vote you have to specify a subject the text that describes the purpose of voting, option names and the names of participants. Additionally you can set the weights for the participants, provide that options will be the participants - in this case participants cannot vote for themselves, in addition there is a possibility not just to choose one option but participants can distribute a fixed amount of Gems between options.


Q. How is this service different than similar?

A. The most of poll services allow you to create a poll, place them on own site. Typically such votes are public participants' selections are not always kept in secret. Our service is aimed to decision-making. When a small team wants to make a decision based on the results of voting.

Q. Will others see my vote?

A. We never do disclose the selections of participants of voting. Preparing of result is performed by robot basing on participants' selections then this result is provided to participants (but not the selections of individual participants).

Q. What will be the result if the number of votes will be the same for multiple options?

A. The winner option will be chosen randomly, the probabilities of choosing for all options are equal.

Q. What if somebody will know my Access Key?

A. Access Key allows to vote in a poll as specified by this code participant. Typically creator knows keys for all participants. However this key does not allow to discover what was the selection of this participant. If one who knows your access key will vote instead of you it will be obvious for you (because you did not voted actually) and this poll will be claimed invalid.

Q. Current voting status is not updating.

A. Just refresh the page (F5). It will be reloaded with new voting status.

Q. What if I did not find answer for my question here?

A. Feel free to contact us by this email: Email image. Your feedbacks are very significant for us.